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Heavy Duty Bolting Washer Din 6796 Belleville Washers

Original price £0.10 - Original price £3.20
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£0.10 - £3.20
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Heavy Duty Bolting Washer Din 6796 Heavy Duty Bellville Washer.

Heavy Duty Belleville Din 6796 are ideally suited to bolted connections designed to prevent loosening of the bolt that may occur as a result of gasket set or expansion and contraction cycles.

Heavy Duty Disc Springs, also known as Conical Washers, Heavy Duty Belleville Washers are generally used for heavy bolted sections. For example, pipe flanges, transformers, pressing machines and bus-bars. They are compatible with high tensile bolts.

Material - Carbon Steel

Finish - Phosphate and Oil (Other finishes available on request including Mechanical Zinc)