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The Ultimate Guide to Disc Springs: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Disc Springs: Everything You Need to Know

Disc Springs, also known as Belleville disc springs, Belleville springs, Belleville washers or conical washers, are specialised precision components designed for axial loading. Unlike other types of springs, Disc Springs have consistent and repeatable force/deflection curves that can be reliably determined using the standardised calculations of DIN EN 16984 (formerly DIN 2092). They can withstand static loads continuously or intermittently, as well as dynamic continuous load cycling. Multiple Disc Springs can be used in parallel, series, or a combination to achieve the desired force-deflection characteristic.

Disc springs are perfect for high load situations, particularly when there is limited space available. These conical springs consist of a convex disc with the outer edge working against the centre of the disc, resulting in a strong spring force within a compact range of motion. This unique design allows for higher loads to be supported with minimal deflection and a smaller solid height compared to traditional helical springs. Due to their versatility, disc springs are widely utilised in various manufacturing and industrial settings. They have many common applications, such as: 

  • Managing or suppressing vibrations
  • Thermal expansion
  • Valves
  • Relaxation and Bolt Creep Problems
  • Spring actuated brakes
  • Energy storage
  • Slip and overload clutches

 In critical applications such as safety valves, elevator clutch and brake mechanisms, and industrial pipe system supports, Disc Springs are the preferred choice due to their predictability, reliability, and unmatched fatigue life.

When axial loading is necessary for your application, disc springs offer the ideal solution. Our discs can be designed as either single or stacked, depending on the specific requirements of our customers.

At SpingXpert, we have a wide selection of disc springs available for immediate shipment, including over 500 unique designs from our extensive inventory. If you require a custom disc spring, our team can design and produce it to your exact specifications, whether you need a small or large quantity.

 Our spring and Belleville products are essential components in a wide range of sensitive applications within the oil services industry. These include safety valves, compression valves, chemical processing valves, completion tools, artificial lift pumps, oil well packers, drilling tools, and down-hole communications equipment.

Disc Springs have several advantages over other types of springs, such as:

  •  A wide range of load/deflection characteristics
  •  High load capacity with small deflection
  •  Space savings – high load to size ratio
  •  Consistent performance under design loads
  •  Longer fatigue life
  •  Inherent dampening especially with parallel stacking
  •  Flexibility in stack arrangement to meet your application requirements.


Austenitic stainless steel is a popular choice for applications with minimal movement and exposure to corrosion. On the other hand, nickel stainless steel has proven its durability in fresh water and marine environments, as well as various industrial settings such as acidic conditions. However, it should be noted that this material may experience work hardening over time, limiting its cycle life but maintaining good resistance to creep.

Disc springs are available in a range of sizes and materials. These include stainless steel, phosphor bronze, carbon steel, and chrome vanadium steel. At SpringXpert, we provide extensive capabilities and a diverse selection of options for your disc spring manufacturing requirements, such as advanced quality control systems and expertise in regulations like RoHS, REACH, and DFARS. We also offer CAD-assisted product design, in-house prototype production services, and a global supply chain network.

We have EN 16984 (DIN 2093), Din 6796 disc springs, Belleville washers, serrated safety washers and slotted disc springs in stock. Our material selection includes 51CrV4, CS70 and CK67. Stainless Steel 300 Series Din 1.4310, Din 1.4565 and Din 1.4401 our stock disc springs and Belleville washers come in imperial and metric sizes to fit various applications and bolt sizes.

Choose from our wide range of standard options or utilise our Engineering design service to collaboratively determine the best Disc Spring or Disc Spring Stack for your application and assembly requirements.

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